If your SEO is to be effective in 2019, it needs to be able to support and improve every stage of the marketing funnel and your activities within them.

Why? It’s about intent. If you aim your SEO at only one point of the marketing funnel, such as the awareness stage, you’ll see a glut of results in that section. That can translate to poor performance further down the funnel. It also means users coming in at different points on the funnel may have a poor user journey.

What content should I consider?

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s important to consider properly. Top of funnel content includes items such as podcasts, blog posts and webinars. The middle of the funnel? You’re looking at white-papers and guides. The bottom of the funnel is best-supported content-wise by vendor comparisons, referrals and testimonials.

Get it right, and you’ll see a spike in your rankings and general search visibility.

Rethinking content

What do you think of when the word ‘content’ floats up in a discussion? For most people, they instantly jump to the idea of written text. Understandable, but not always right. Written text isn’t always going to match well to buyer intent.

Diversifying your content is great because it will cover your funnel basics while also increasing your chances to rank for a number of different queries – all the while giving your readers and prospects the best options to choose from for reading and understanding your offering.

It’s the best way to add value, cover your bases, and ensure a consistent result across all stages of the funnel.

The danger of overly focused content

Let’s say you have your content locked in on one subject or stage of the funnel. You’ll perform exceptionally well – we hope! – in that area, but you’ll likely end up missing out on great opportunities and ripe SEO areas.This can be a problem if you suddenly need growth and sales in other areas. Building up topical authority in new areas of SERPs doesn’t come overnight; as any SEO aficionado knows, it’s a game of months and even years.

Diversification will help build the groundwork for you, ensuring that if you need to make a move into a new area, you’ll remain agile and prepared to do just that – and do it in record time.

Strategies for diversifying link acquisition content

It’s great to leverage opportunities like blog comments within your overall strategy. To really see top results, however, you’ll want to include other tactics such as image link building, link reclamation and the ever-favoured unlinked mention. You’ll also see great results by being a little more open with your link prospects.

You’ll also want to make sure that you are securing a diverse enough range of links to enough pages on your site. This will help you to capture as much search as possible from as wide a range of SERPs as possible.

What does diverse content look like?

While your own ‘secret sauce’ will be unique to your website and its offering, you’ll generally see the same things crop up in any sound 2019 strategy.

Common favourites include wide topic coverage, including a solid range of content formats – sometimes using several on single web pages. You’ll also see the experts make use of a range of link building and acquisition strategies, with a range of audiences that exist at varying points in the marketing funnel.

Food for thought

Diversity – interesting and valuable in 2019 SEO! There’s real value here and we hope you’ve enjoyed this latest blog from the Digiconomy team.

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