The clock ticks on and Google continues to update and improve its platforms and offerings! It’s been a busy period at the Digiconomy house, but we wanted to take a moment out of our schedule to quickly go over some nifty changes that matter in the business and marketing world.

Let’s take a look, then!

Google Ads app: Create and edit responsive search ads

Something worth talking about, to be sure. A recent update to the mobile app for Google Ads has given us a treat: the ability to create and edit responsive search ads. It’s rolling out across both Android and iOS versions and is a real improvement over previous functionality; in the past, you could only pause and enable such ads. Now, the field is wide open.

With the update in our hands, we’re able to create search ads inside the app itself. We can also edit them on any platform, regardless of whether they were originally made on mobile on desktop – a very thoughtful addition.

Even better, Google took the time to update the app to allow users to personally manage negative keywords. This is nifty – it was only available on the desktop version before.

Google Ads reporting now includes shopping campaign landing pages

More improvements to our beloved platform. We can now benefit from the ability to report directly on the performance of our landing pages used in shopping campaigns. It’s new, it’s handy and it’s included under the ‘Landing pages’ section that already exists.

With this, we’ll be able to check seriously important data points that are now recorded. Clicks, conversions, CPCs and impressions go hand in hand with clickthrough rates and costs. A marketing nerd’s dream!

What’s more, you can now see which pages could be improved for a better mobile experience, and you can see how mobile-friendly a page is at a glance. You can also see expanded landing pages which are linked to each of your main landing pages.

All really solid additions to the platform that will be music to the ears of those who manage shopping campaigns on the regular. Great stuff.

Interactive Ads now work with 3D objects

We love a little cutting-edge tech here at Digiconomy, so we were definitely pleased to see this crop up on our news feeds. Google’s done us proud by adding a new ad format named Swirl that lets users directly interact with 3D objects.

Why is this great news? It lets us marketers work with existing 3D assets. We can now make ads that will engage with users in a new way, allowing them to look at and manipulate objects in three dimensions.

This is more than a little cool. Any interactive medium such as VR and AR has exceptionally high engagement rates. The novelty factor goes hand in hand with 3D lending itself to certain industries in a truly revolutionary way, opening up opportunities for PR and news stories going viral when companies make good use of this tech.

We’re excited to see what comes out of this one – you can expect to see a few news headlines crop up once digital marketers get familiar with it.

A quick newsflash for your benefit!

Just like that; another handy blog by the Digiconomy nerds. We hope you’ve found this breakdown of recent additions to Google’s offerings helpful. If you think we can lend a hand with your growth and digital marketing concerns, we’re right here to offer our hard-earned expertise at no obligation.