Pay Per Click (PPC)


Reach customers as they enter the market with our advanced ROI focused PPC strategies.

Profit Focused PPC Strategies

Our team has over 14yrs experience delivering enterprise level paid strategies that produce constant YoY improvements to revenue & profitability with a big focus on measurability. We specialise in deploying new or improved paid advertising channels using Google & Bing PPC technologies focused on lead/revenue generation.

We are experts in understanding your potential paid search market & how it will interact with your sales funnel, we can help you optimise your full user journey from audience targeting through to sale/revenue tracking & attribution ensuring we are pushing for PPC success from all angles.

We thrive on data analysis, we constantly analyse performance we see in the advertising platforms themselves, alongside true sales metrics looking for patterns & trends that can evolve the strategy and resulting returns.

With many years of experience covering a broad array of industries, project sizes & technical/market challenges, we can hit the ground running with expected profitability on our costs by month 3 for most clients.

PPC Advertising Statistics

Google Ads deliver an 8:1 ROI on average


of clicks go the top 3 paid ads in a Google search result


of the global search engine market is controlled by Google


of advertisers spend money on search ads


of search traffic goes to the first page of search results


of shoppers use their mobile whilst in a physical store to look for online reviews, cheaper prices and discounts

Our PPC Services

Google Ads

We create & optimise inbound search campaigns across both Google & Bing based on your business & market, maximising returns & profitability within a given monthly budget.

Google Shopping

We list your products in Google Shopping using advanced feed building & account structures that will help you dominate the available advertising real estate online.

Display Ads

We use high quality image ads targeted to audiences that fit your sales profiles to deliver your brand across the web to customers that are most likely to buy.


We track visitors to your site and if they don’t convert, show them ads for your business & products as they travel around the web, bringing in many almost lost revenue opportunities.

eCommerce PPC

We specialise in profit focused PPC campaigns for eCommerce businesses, we are experts in working with large product & budget volumes delivering crystal clear performance & supporting systems.

Finance PPC

We have more than 10yrs experience building PPC campaigns for consumer and business loan lenders. We are experts in traversing highly regulated products & launching rapid ROI compliant projects.

PPC Success Factors


We take the time to map out your entire competitive market & keyword universe to understand the most effective path to rapid profitability.


We optimise your whole website to fix any incumbent technical errors that can cause poor user experience or PPC tracking issues.


We produce advertising assets that convey your business, product & marketing objectives, with 14 day A/B testing cycles for iterating growth.


We use detailed data analysis so lead informed marketing decisions, pruning and enhancing campaigns on a daily basis with a key focus on ROI.

Focused PPC Solutions

eCommerce PPC Experts

We have many years of experience working with a wide range of eCommerce solutions including third party market leaders such as: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, Squarespace, BigCommerce

We have also worked with many custom and open-source solutions where our developers have been able to add substantial developments to PPC related aspects of the platforms.

Inbound Marketing Specialists

We specialise in the deployment of profitable inbound advertising channels tailored to each client’s specific needs and operation. This can include: SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Social Ads Re-Marketing, Email/SMS Re-Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and refers to any type of advertising where you pay per click to your website. PPC describes a wide array of channels, however to most people PPC usually specifically relates to Google’s Search Ads. We also manage Google Shopping, Display & Remarketing. Facebook Ads, Bing Ads & LinkedIn Ads depending on your business.

How long will it take to see results?

PPC success usually occurs by month 2 – 3. However, we make sure to demonstrate increasing and clear value from month 1 that satisfies even the sternest of board members.

Are there any performance guarantees?

Yes, we guarantee at least a breakeven on our costs by month 12 or we refund the difference. We ensure that all our activity is clearly tracked and attributable down to product & revenue level allowing us to put our money where our mouth is. We aim for marketing cost of sale around 10-20% as a rule of thumb but worst case, we guarantee you won’t lose money working with us.

What is the usual cost of a PPC Project?

PPC projects with us have fees starting from £2,000pm depending on the projected size of the ad accounts & complexity of the strategy. It is possible to start at the lower price range and work up as results start to show promise, we’ll tailor a proposal to your budget and objectives.

Who will be my point of contact?

You will work directly with our Senior Account Directors who design & deploy revenue focused strategies tailored to your business objectives. You will have direct contact via email & phone during UK working hours along with monthly or weekly reporting covering performance and insights from your activities.

How Can We Help?
To find out more about how we can help you achieve more with your digital marketing activities, please get in touch for a free analysis and proposal.

Free Market & Site Audit

We will analyse your website against the performance of the main competitors in your niche, providing you with a breakdown of the changes we’d recommend along with examples of the traffic potential for your business.

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