PPC Advertising

Fast ROI PPC Strategies
We are experts in the delivery of high velocity PPC lead generation strategies.

We currently manage in excess of 25m in annual paid budgets in highly competitive verticals across both Google & Bing, generating in excess of £200m per annum as a tangible result of our PPC strategies.

Here at Digiconomy, we pride ourselves on our  conversion tracking expertise and prioritise the introduction or optimisation of a revenue level keyword tracking system that allows for consistent improvements in cost, whilst allowing for consistent growth in volume even with capped spends.


Our Process

PPC Process

 Once we’ve learnt a bit about your business, we analyse any existing digital performance to get some base line metrics.

We then analyse your related keyword universe, looking for campaign opportunities and establishing your core competitors.

We compare your presence to that of the best performers in the niche and recommend optimisations to both the paid accounts & user journey that will improve conversion rates and performance.

We work to improve or implement tracking as deep into the sales process as possible allowing us to tie performance directly back into ad spend.

Campaigns are launched and monitored daily , reported on monthly showing growth against base line figures. The on-going monthly reports also contain site audits, market observations, potential opportunities & planned actions.

We specialise in running SEO & PPC campaigns for businesses looking for a high velocity lead generation source.

We have several examples of excellent growth achieved via PPC advertising, check out our case studies.

We have helped many clients launch their first trial campaigns and produced improvements of more than 157% on campaigns we have taken over from previous agencies.

PPC Client Growth

We pride ourselves not just on our results, but on the granularity of our analysis and reports, PPC is the most measurable channel out there and we make sure you get to see exactly how much £1 makes for you and exactly which keyword, time of day, day of the week is most profitable. 

How Can We Help?
To find out more about how we can help you achieve more with your digital marketing activities, please get in touch for a free analysis and proposal.

Free Market & Site Audit

We will analyse your website against the performance of the main competitors in your niche, providing you with a breakdown of the changes we’d recommend along with examples of the traffic potential for your business.

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